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Celestial Mechanics

Celestial mechanics is about calculating orbital elements for planets and other astronomical objects and about predicting their future positions: its golden age began in the 17th century with Galileo, Kepler and Newton. They studied the planets of the solar system but their laws are valid in all the universe and mathematically predict the motions of celestial bodies interacting under gravity.

Much of the effort in astrometry and celestial mechanics is highly automated nowadays, that’s why are rarely considered as independent disciplines. Motions and positions of objects are now easily known, and modern astronomy concerns itself much more with astrophysics, trying to observe and understand the actual physical nature of celestial objects.

However, astrometry and celestial mechanics are still very important for several reasons and purposes, including time-keeping.

Astrometry and celestial mechanics are so related that they may be considered a single branch. For this reason, the Scientia websites are only two: astrometry.org (that deals with celestial machanics also) and astrophysical.org.

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